Naomi Michalsen, left, and Leah Benning of Ketchikan are taking part in this year’s Rainforest Festival. (Joe Viechnicki/KFSK)

Petersburg’s Rainforest Festival is underway this week. The keynote speaker this year is Naomi Michalsen of Ketchikan. She owns Kaasei Training and Consulting, which offers workshops about the importance and power of indigenous plants and foods. She’s talking in Petersburg this week about respectful harvest and leading several sessions on collecting and preserving plants for food and medicine.

Joe Viechnicki spoke to Michalsen about some of the topics she’s covering in presentations and field trips this week.

There are also brown bag talks today and tomorrow by zoom, art shows and musical performances and nature journaling session with Kim McNett of Homer. There’s more information on the festival’s website and a full schedule here: