Header for the released certified municipal election results.

This morning at 9 a.m., the Petersburg Borough Assembly met and certified the results of Tuesday’s municipal election. You can see those full results here.

Mark Jensen was reelected as mayor for a three-year term. He received 643 votes. Bob Lynn and Jeff Meucci also ran and received 363 and 178 votes respectively.

Scott Newman (588 votes) and Donna Marsh (519 votes) were both elected to the Borough Assembly for the first time. They will serve a three-year term. Jeigh Stanton Gregor (488 votes) and Chelsea Tremblay (432 votes) were not reelected. Kurt Wohlhueter also ran and lost with 240 votes.

Niccole Olsen and Sarah Pawuk Holmgrain will each serve a three-year term on the Petersburg School Board. They received 901 and 816 votes respectively.

Joe Stratman (664 votes), Cindi Lagoudakis (658 votes), and Kimberley A. Simbahon (585 votes) will each serve a three-year term on the Hospital Board. James W. Roberts also ran and lost with 518 votes.

Jim E. Floyd (798 votes) will serve a three-year term on the Planning Commission as will write-in candidate Phillip Meeks, who had 171 votes.

For the Planning Commission’s two-year term, John Jensen was an unopposed write-in and gained the seat with 189 votes.

For the Planning Commission’s one-year term, there was one seat open. There were two write-ins and Marietta Davis won with 140 votes over Joshua Adams, who received 37.

There were two seats open for the 3-year terms on the Harbor and Ports Advisory Board. Casey Knight and John Murgas gained seats with 646 and 560 votes respectively. Scott Roberge and Raliegh Cook both lost with 420 and 409 votes respectively.

Barb Fish and Debra O’Gara will both have seats on the Library Advisory Board for a three-year term. They received 826 and 696 votes respectively.

The Library Advisory Board’s two-year term had one seat open. Alec McMurren ran unopposed and won with 842 votes.

Sarah Fine-Walsh will sit in on a three-year term for the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. She received 681 votes. Write-in Michele Pfundt also won a seat with 170 votes. Lisa Schramek was a write-in and lost with 136 votes.

There was no candidate filed and no write-ins for the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board’s two-year term.

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board’s 1-year term will be filled by Kacey Hammer who ran unopposed and got 822 votes.

There were two three-year terms open on the Public Safety Advisory Board. Devren Bennett won a seat with 845 votes. So did John Lichtenberger who got 664 votes.

There were three propositions on the ballot. All three passed. Proposition #1 had 797 for and 288 against. Proposition #2 had 883 in favor, 224 against. And Proposition #3 had 710 supporting, 339 opposed.